About Us

“When one stands at the crossroads of their life we act as a beacon and guide them in the right direction”

                        Every year thousands of graduates & undergraduates register themselves in a number of job portals and attend interviews with no or little success. Most of them are well equipped with hard skills especially Engineers & MBA graduates with good scores, still they are unable to clear the interviews particularly HR rounds. The main reason is lack of soft skills which now have become the success mantra. In the present competitive world it’s not the IQ (Intelligence quotient) but EQ (Emotional quotient) which determines growth & success of an individual.
We at CROSSROADS focus on individuals train and guide them according to their aptitude & ability keeping in mind their needs and the industry or sector they are focusing at. Our training programs are placement oriented. Training at CROSSROADS is imparted in a very compassionate manner focusing the individuals. Training just doesn’t aim at improving employability of an individual but prepares them to face various challenges of life. Counseling is a part of training program. Training is not confined to only individuals who are looking for jobs but anybody who wants to bring a change in their life & wants to improve their personality.

Mission & Vision:
  • To make a difference in individuals life by guiding them into their career

  • To make the individual realize their dream and unleash their potentials

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urself & plan

towards success

  Anupama Ghildyal

A personality development trainer and educationist with a vast experience of 24yrs in the field of education and training. Ms Anupama in her vast career span has counseled, guided & helped students and individuals to face various challenges of life.. She has experience a wide variety of institutions, individuals , training methods and believes in training through relevant interactive exercises. Ms Anupama is also a certified IELTS Trainer.Under her guidnace Students have scored not less than 6.5.

She advocates individual coaching. Training for Ms Anupama is not just a profession but a passion. Being a passionate trainer she strongly believes that God has gifted every individual with some inherent qualities, intelligence and talent and the only thing an individual requires is the right guidance, training and nurturing. The aim of her life is to help individuals to achieve their full potential to fulfill their dreams. Read more.....